Roll Former - Single Roof Panel - Wall Panel Metal Roll Forming Machines by Rutland

roll former - metal roll forming machine for roof panels and metal siding wall panels

Roll Former - Metal Roll Forming Machine - Single Panel

roll formers - roll forming machines - metal forming machine for roofing and siding wall panels
metal forming machine or roll forming machinery shown with metal rollers shown   rollformer machines - roofing panels - wall panels

Roll Forming Machine

With Automatic PBR-R Panel

• Main Power 5.5kw 3 Phase 220v 60hz
• Speed per minute, 60 ft per minute
• Rolling Maximum thickness 24g - 0.8mm
• Material coil size 45' - 43.25'
• Hydraulic cut off
• Computer control Siemens
• Shaft diameter 3' - 75mm
• Roll forming 18 stations
• Machine length 36' long x 61" width x 60" height
• Run off stands
• Manual Uncoiler

Single panel, heavy duty, high precision roll forming machine for metal roof panel or wall siding profiles.

* Other single layer roll forming machines are also available, please inquire as to desired specifications.

Roll Former - Metal Forming Machine Video (press play to start)

Roll Former Machine - Roll Forming Video (press play to start)